The A7 Mark III is Finally Here! (Baby A9?)

And it looks to be something of a "Baby-A9", with the same 24 megapixel resolution, a backside illuminated sensor for improved light-gathering and higher ISO range, 10 frames per second continuous shooting, most all of the body improvements of the A9 and A7 Mk. III, plus the same 693 PDAF autofocus points as the US$4500... Continue Reading →

Video: Unboxing the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary

Here's an unboxing video I recorded when I first got the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary for E-Mount, but only now edited and posted to YouTube.  Beyond a basic unboxing of the product, I also include a little size comparison and some observations versus the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 DN Art, and the Sony E... Continue Reading →

The Sony A9 is Here!

While I don't want this to turn into a Sony camera "fanboi" site, I do use Sony cameras, and thus I would be remiss if I failed to note today's developments.  So... today, after months of rumors about a new high end, pro-focused, full-frame Sony E-mount camera, Sony finally announced their new A9 camera positioned to... Continue Reading →

My Favorite E-mount Lenses… Part 2

In Part One of “My Favorite E-mount Lenses… So Far”, I listed my seven native E-mount lenses, “ranked” them according to my own subjective personal opinion of which I “liked” the best, and then provided some more background information on numbers 5, 6 and 7 (although it was really two number 6es, as I awarded... Continue Reading →

My Favorite E-Mount Lenses… So Far

Okay, it’s time for another post here at At this point in my photography-as-a-hobby I believe I have amassed a decent collection of lenses for my Sony A6000 (and A3000) mirrorless interchangeable lens camera(s), including a workable range of native E-mount lenses. So, I'd like to give my thoughts on my favorite lenses… so... Continue Reading →


Once again, welcome to  Let me try to briefly outline my goal for this site.  Essentially, I intend for this to serve as a record of my journey in photography from this point forward.  So I'll be posting my thoughts about various aspects of photography as it applies to me.  I'll post some of my... Continue Reading →

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